Do’s & Don’ts of a Start-Up​, A Newbies View.

So you want to be an “entrepreneur” huh? Sounds good, even sounds glorious but there is definitely a gap between the startup and big paychecks. I am learning as well just thought I would share. Take some time to evaluate where you currently are, you might want to adjust a few things moving forward. Here is my list of Dos and Don’ts;

1. You aren’t serious

You got started, even got business cards however you are engaging aren’t clients. Always remember why you started and keep that motivation but most importantly keep that level of output.

2. Too busy talking.

We can all attest to looking at Facebook and Twitter and seeing many friends and family post about “hustlin” or how hard they are supposedly working but no one I know that is truly working hard is posting about it. Because well they are busy WORKING! Keep your mouth shut and get back to work.

3. Not asking for help.

You got into entrepreneurship because you wanted to work for yourself but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Enlist the help of others with specific skills that you are severely lacking in. It makes a huge difference and yes we can tell the difference between a homemade web page and one that is professionally done.

4. Failing to Sharpen your skills.

You are a pro, you have the experience you have the spiel down packed however that is no reason to stop learning. Trends change with the time, don’t be caught starting a business with old methods. I was told by a consultant of 30 years in the business when you meet someone in the same business as you ask them the last three books they have read. Keep learning!

5. Turn off the tv.

Maybe this should be number one, the first thing any entrepreneur should know is that you are no longer like the rest of your 9-5 friends. While they are enjoying tv you should be investing time in your business. No excuses, as stated earlier You Made this decision. Time is your asset and it must be used wisely.

Ps- Get TiVo

6. Research

Research what others have done in your particular industry or close to it before you make this leap. Businesses fail for one reason or another but lack of information should never be one of them. Talk to other entrepreneurs and ask for advice, let them guide you through their lessons.

This, of course, is not an exhaustive list just a few to get you back on the right track. Feel free to post more in the comment section for others.

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