So You Want To Get In To HR!

Congrats! You have made one of the biggest but wonderful decisions in your life, your career and you want it to be in Human Resources. Good for you now HERE comes the hard part actually getting a job in HR. This process and length may not be the same for everyone but let me give you a few tips on how to break in the HR World.

1. Internship- this is still the best kept secret (especially to get in the federal government) but people are not choosing this option enough. I understand for a few of us with a bit of age that the pay (which is lucky as an intern) isn’t desirable but remember who made this decision. You did! And with all great decisions comes great sacrifice. Internships are pretty much paid interviews. Your boss gets a chance to see your work ethic and even if a position isn’t available at the beginning when you’re good enough they will find a place for you or remember you when that opportunity does come available.

2. HR Admin/Assistant- you may be aiming for an HR Generalist or Specialist position but sometimes you need to get in where you fit in. These POSITIONS are entry level HR but the experience they give are not comparable to just a fancy title. To make a better generalist or even Manager working your way up is invaluable because of your institutional knowledge. Just like internships everyone has to start somewhere and for some this may be temporary.

3. Update your resume – some of you are making the switch from another career field which is normal, but you can’t leave your resume the way it is currently. Start to look at the positions you want in HR and pull those duties out of your prior employment and put them on there.
This is of course not an extensive list but something to get you started and on your way to your new career.

Congrats again and feel free to email me for further help.

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