PTF Book Review “THE ALCHEMIST” by Paul Coelho


This will be my first of many book reviews. I figure we can all learn together and recommend books to one another. First off let me say this is a very easy book to read and I enjoyed it. It is truly a book that will take a 2nd and 3rd reading to fully digest. Overall the story presented of the young shepherd will impress on you the idea of slowing down and observing everything around you and to watch for certain “omens”. The reader will be left with the question of “sight vs. vision”. I definitely recommend this book to anyone, the college kid, the entrepreneur, especially for those who are still looking to find their “purpose” in life. One of the great and most powerful things this book speaks about is fear. There are some of us who have defined goals, we know our purpose in life but we are content (fear) in talking about them but never really work toward accomplishing them. We have the means, the time and the access but (fear) we do not move forward. While this is true for some it does not have to be for all. Santiago is a very likeable character and you may wonder who are the Gypsy, King, and Alchemist in your life!

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