Pain the Ultimate Motivator???

I read an article about Myron Rolle, a Rhode Scholar winner and there was a discussion in one of his classes where the question was posed “Where do you get your passion from?” Two options were given:

1. A burning desire to do something wonderful.
2. A deep righteous anger about a particular injustice.

Let’s focus on the second option, hence the title of this blog. Pain, although an unwelcomed but sometime consistent part of life, can be a great motivator. Judging from the answer proposed above maybe the greatest motivator of them all. Everyone to some degree has endured pain and will again so why not use it to our advantage. Using the pain of a dreadful situation should lead you to embrace actions that would cause that situation to not only never happen again to you but to others as well. Pain is like a cut that although healed a mark is left to remind you. Pain does not merely happen to us to worsen our day or to keep us in a state of paralysis, it is to teach us a lesson. A lesson somehow we just couldn’t learn any other way.

Pain has a purpose. If you can truly look deep enough at any situation there are golden nuggets there for present and future use. Use pain as a starting point to look at your life from an accountable view point and see what YOU can do better. Far too often do we use pain to focus on what others are doing and what they should do better, this should be a time to focus your thoughts inward. Be aggressive, be the initiator, stop letting things just happen to you.

Yes, something bad happened, a lot of times it is out of your hands but if it keeps happening over and over again then it’s on you to make a change. There is far too much going on in your life and in the world around you that speaks of injustice. Don’t just debate your anger and frustration USE it, stop looking outside and realize you are the change catalyst you have been searching for!

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