Perseverance and Saving Your Career!

Guest blog from Ushekia Mcghee 
For years you’ve committed yourself to developing professionally, saving towards retirement, children’s education, and overall evolving into this person you have set out to be. Although you’ve committed to these things, somehow, you have allowed a boss, a supervisor, or a leader to mentally break you and contemplate giving it all up. Envy, jealousy, the individual’s lack of leadership, lack of poise, or whatever the case may be, has influenced you to quit and let go of everything you have worked so hard to achieve. Benefits, possible income for the rest of your life, GONE, simply due to your inability to withstand the test and overcome what seems to be an unbearable task; overcoming personality conflicts. As a result, your stress level increase and the mental strain becomes too much. Sometimes you just have to dig a little deeper and push forward. Remember why you started out on this journey. Remember the other obstacles you felt were too much to overcome. Setbacks are supposed to happen in life. But how we overcome those setbacks are what make us unique. Perseverance is key.

Pushing forward is not always easy. Strategizing and coming up with a solution is always better than just leaving a career you have invested so much time into developing. Self-evaluation is a must. You are not always right. The other individual is not always right. However, it is important to be respectful of differences and perspectives. When you have reached a point of deciding to leave or stay, you should give yourself the opportunity to strategize and brainstorm on possible conflict resolutions. Always stay professional. No matter how bad the situation gets, do not allow anyone to break you or question your character. Managers/Leaders are in their positions for a reason. Everyone has a boss. If it is your immediate leader who you are in conflict with, go up the ladder. Give those people the opportunity to fix or help resolve the situation before you consider giving it all up. The one thing you are in control of is yourself and the decisions you make.

As I stated earlier, withstanding the test is a small portion. Troubles do not last always. Stay. Never allow an individual to dictate your future. Persevere and know that minor obstacles are going to become the stepping stone to your success.

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